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FamilyInsurance is only as good as the company behind it.

CitizenDefend is administered by J.H. Ferguson & Associates, LLC. Coverage is underwritten by one of its affiliate companies, depending on the state where the non-admitted coverage is provided. The companies are national specialty property and casualty insurers and have consistently earned a group rating of “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best, the leading rating agency for the insurance industry. The carriers have a long-established reputation for providing superior coverage for specialty risks. And have access to an extensive, nationwide network of experts and attorneys to protect policyholders.

Comprehensive. And flexible.

CitizenDefend gun owners insurance is one of the most complete and wide-ranging choices available today at low, affordable rates. With insurance coverage for criminal charges arising from acts of self-defense—in your home or anywhere you can legally carry a firearm. For civil actions arising from the discharge of a firearm while hunting, on a shooting range, or in competition. There are no membership fees or requirements, and spouses can be included at no extra charge for self-defense. By offering three levels of protection, we give you the freedom to choose the CitizenDefend plan that’s best for you.

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You can get quotes and apply easily within minutes—and immediate coverage and claim service is available online 24/7. Whether you’re a new owner, super owner, hunter, target shooter, collector, or just want to protect your family, CitizenDefend is low cost protection you can’t afford to be without.

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